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“A very, very riveting film.”

A father’s struggle to include his disabled son in everyday life

Including Samuel; Dan Habib's award winning documentary brings inclusion home
Source:; April 12, 2010


Working Films features outreach efforts of "Including Samuel"
Source: "Including Samuel" Makes Impact; February 16, 2010


Austin American Statesman
"Including Samuel" puts relationships into perspective
Source: Austin American Statesman; February 13, 2010


Blaze Sports America Source: BlazeNotes; January 2010


Avatar and Including Samuel
To The Max: Avatar and other movies with disabled people
Source: Love That Max; January 20, 2010


Northfield News
Busting down the barriers for all
Source: Northfield News; January 17, 2010


How Can My Movie Help the Movement? Forming Authentic Partnerships
Source: Working Films; December 3, 2009


NHPTV's "NH Outlook and Including Samuel"
"Including Samuel: A NH Outlook Special"
Source: NHPTV; April 19, 2009
Additional Info: New Hampshire Public Television's "NH Outlook" received a documentary story merit award for "Including Samuel" at the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters annual Golden Mike ceremony.


Norwich Bulletin
Film promotes inclusion of disabled childen
Source: Norwich Bulletin; November 4, 2009


(it) Magazine
"Including Samuel," A Call to Action
Source: (it) Magazine; October 2009