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“A very, very riveting film.”

A father’s struggle to include his disabled son in everyday life

The New Teacher
Movie Review: Including Samuel
Source: The New Teacher; July 29, 2011
Additional Info: A movie review excerpt on "Including Samuel" from the blog "The New Teacher."


The Portland Press Herald
Indie Film: 'Including Samuel' transcends illness
Additional Info: "Including Samuel" is reviewed by freelance writer, Dennis Perkins, as a preview to the film's screening at Bowdoin College on April 22, 2011.


Kathimerini English Edition/International Herald Tribune
Including Samuel
Source: Kathimerini English Edition/International Herald Tribune; March 11, 2011
Additional Info: Kathimerini English Edition, an English-language daily which is published in Greece and Cyprus with the International Herald Tribune, featured "Including Samuel" in advance of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, attended by Dan Habib.


Cleveland Jewish News
The last civil rights battleground: classrooms
Source: Cleveland Jewish News; February 4, 2011
Additional Info: Following an interview with Dan Habib, journalist Ellen Schur Brown discusses the importance of classroom diversity and presuming competence in all children, regardless of ethnicity, gender, economic status, or ability.


Bloom: Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Inclusion is 'about the environment, not the kid'
Source: Bloom; November 4, 2010


The Huffington Post
How to Become an Activist
Source: The Huffington Post; August 19, 2010


Including Samuel Makes Impact
Source:; February 16, 2010


Austin American Statesman
"Including Samuel" puts relationships into perspective
Source: Austin American Statesman; February 13, 2010


Blaze Sports America
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Source: BlazeNotes; January 2010


Avatar and Including Samuel
To The Max: Avatar and other movies with disabled people
Source: Love That Max; January 20, 2010