About the DVD

Copies of the Including Samuel Educational Kit and the Including Samuel DVD for Individual Use are available through the Institute on Disability's (IOD) Bookstore online.

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Each DVD includes:

  • The 58-minute film Including Samuel
  • A discussion on inclusion by subjects in the film
  • Extended interviews
  • The Impact of Including Samuel – A NH Public Television Special
  • Closed captioning
  • Audio description
  • 17 subtitled language translation options (please see below)

Including Samuel Educational Kit

Including Samuel EDU Kit

  • License for educational, instructional, and institutional use
  • 1 DVD of Including Samuel
  • 30 + pages of educational material on enclosed CD
  • For Colleges, Universities, Private Consultants, and For-Profit Organizations: $180 (plus S&H*)
  • For Early Childhood Programs, K-12 Schools, and Non-Profit Organizations: $95 (plus S&H*)

Including Samuel DVD for Individual Use

Including Samuel DVD Box cover for Personal Use

  • License for individual use only
  • Price: $25 (plus S&H*)